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Aug. 13, 2014

• Construction of a five-storey glass atrium, creating a new front façade • Remodelling of all existing façades and green areas • Launch of unique zone for sports enthusiasts AdgarFit announced for this autumn • Awbud confirmed as general contractor

Now that all the essential preparatory work has been completed, Adgar has begun the main phase of renovation and extension works, bringing to life its vision of a re-imagined Adgar Park West office complex situated at Aleje Jerozolimskie 181 in Warsaw. The construction of the glass atrium that will serve as the new grand entrance hall, the remodelling of all the façades and the transformation of the interiors have all now begun. In accordance with the planned schedule, this main phase of the transformation process is to be completed in the autumn of this year. The architectural concept was developed by HRA Hermanowicz Rewski Architects, and Awbud is the general contractor responsible for implementing the construction work.

A spectacular glass atrium will be constructed and become the new front façade visible from Aleje Jerozolimskie. It will be five storeys high, 77.8 metres in length, 9.1 m in width at its widest point, and provide additional leasing space of 550 sq m. The construction will be based on reinforced wood and steel girders. Entrances will be situated in either side of the glass façade, making the front side a uniform series of glass panels and girders. The additional, bright internal space that will be created as a result will house service and retail outlets, restaurants, cafes etc. The façades of all of the buildings of the Adgar Park West office complex will be remodelled, and the green areas completely re-arranged from scratch.

The ambitious modernization project also includes the transformation of the complex’s interiors and the creation of AdgarFit, a unique sport, recreation, retail and meeting zone for sports enthusiasts covering an area of 6,000 sq m. It will be a unique concept, the first project of its type in Poland, complete with a brand-new 900m year-round running track surrounding the whole office complex.

AdgarFit will house a range of stores offering professional sports gear and specialist advice and state-of-the-art training facilities, including Endless Pools for resistance swimming, cycling trainers for use with your own bicycle or for testing new models, and also indoor training in modern gym facilities. There will also be a centre of sports medicine and physiotherapy, offering full medical consultation and treatment for sportspeople. The AdgarFit sports zone plans to open in autumn 2014, and the transformation of the whole complex will be completed by the end of the year. Independently from the modernization process, the “Ala ma kota” kindergarten will start operating in Adgar Park West from September 2014.

I am really satisfied that our ambitious plans to transform Adgar Park West are becoming more real every day. Cycling is my passion, I cycle almost every day and I am glad that this winter I will have the opportunity to train in the unique AdgarFit sports zone, regardless of the weather conditions outside. We have already stared cooperation with partners who share our passion for this project, including Sport Guru and Gravitan Health and Sport Clubs, and we are currently in talks with other potential sports tenants,” said Eyal Litwin, CEO of Adgar in Poland.