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Sport conference

Nov. 16, 2015

You start your adventure with cycling, triathlon, running around? Do you want to learn how to properly and effectively prepare for the season? Do you want to learn how training masters? We invite you to a conference sport "Train Safely"

The meeting includes the following topics:

Exercise physiology
In this block you will learn how your body during training and the processes within it. How to properly interpret tests such cardiovascular and what you should pay attention to the preparations for the season. How to prevent and avoid injuries. In addition, you will learn the latest methods of research and ways to prepare players for the start of the season.

Sports training
In this block, we focus on the mythic strength and power. We will present the latest research, forms of training in both theory and practice. We will periodization of sports training and some examples are given. You will learn how to properly and effectively shape their strength and power through which will improve your results.

From the basics we will show you how you should train starting their adventure with cycling. We will show how they work masters and professional cycling teams. Rafal Majka by example betray you its recipe for success. As a result, you find yourself in the center of professional cycling and professional training. During this block we will refund you note on which aspect of the training should focus on in preparation for the season. In addition, we will bring some myths about the power, trainers or spinning.

Triathlon / Running
Our experts will present various aspects of training triathlonowego. You will learn the latest technologies training, but also find out if you can do without preparation Ironman training. In addition, you'll see how the amateur can grow up to be a professional athlete referring excellent results and winning important competitions in Poland. Of course, we do not forget about training, his periodization, preparation of swimming, cross-country skiing. As with the cycling block we invite you to discuss and exchange experiences. Bart tells his story Olszewski.