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Adgar Fit gains momentum!

Nov. 19, 2013


  • The sports zone in Adgar Park West now has a name - AdgarFit
  • Sport GURU the first tenant to be signed to the sports zone
  • Sponsorship agreement with a newly-formed Polish professional sports team – AdgarFit Pro Team

 The plans of the Adgar Group are gaining momentum for the creation of a unique sports, recreation, retail and socializing zone for fans of active lifestyles on the ground floor of the Adgar Park West office complex. The first sign that Adgar’s sporting dreams are coming true is the announcement of the name of this unique sports zone – AdgarFit. In addition, the Adgar Group has signed an agreement with its first tenant, Sport GURU, a store for running enthusiasts and triathletes. Adgar has also announced the signing of a sponsorship agreement with a newly-created Polish professional sports team, AdgarFit Pro Team, comprised of triathletes, cyclists and runners.

Sport GURU, the AdgarFit sports zone’s first tenant, will occupy 450 m2 on the ground floor of Building A of Adgar Park West. The store will offer professional accessories and clothing for various kinds of sports, focusing on running, swimming and cycling. The agreement was signed for a five-year period. Colliers International acted as adviser to the parties signing the agreement.

“I am very happy that we already have these first successes less than only two weeks after we officially announced the plans to create this unique sports zone in the Adgar Park West complex. The passionate professionals from Sport GURU have joined the team creating this exceptional sports destination. This is no ordinary sports shop, but a place for meeting, exchanging experiences and consulting with experts, and also building a community of people for whom sport is an important part of their lives, and who approach it in a more professional way. Our vision of the AdgarFit zone is a place for like-minded people to gather together,” said Eyal Litwin, CEO of Adgar Poland.

AdgarFit, the sports zone to be created on the ground floor of Adgar Park West, will occupy approximately 6 000 m2, not including the 900-metre-long all-year running track. AdgarFit will be an exceptional destination, the first of its type in Poland, offering sports accessories and expert advice, state-of-the-art facilities such as one-person Swim Jet Pools, stations for mounting your own bicycle or test new models available, a modern gym, and outdoor exercise stations all in the same location. There will also be a professional sports medicine and physiotherapy centre offering a full range of medical services and consultation from diagnosis to treatment. The opening is planned for the second half of 2014. In developing the concept of the sports zone Adgar Group was advised by Colliers International, also responsible for the lease of retail space on an exclusive basis.

We were immediately interested in the idea of creating a special zone for sports enthusiasts. Gathering together a specialist store, training centre, sports clinic and gym under one roof is the right way to go. AdgarFit is also going to be a place for meeting and consultation, a centre of competence and sharing experiences, which makes the project even more interesting. We have no doubt that Warsaw needs something like this, which is why we decided that our store should be a part of this venture,” said Bartłomiej Larwiński, the co-owner of the Sport GURU brand.

More evidence that the AdgarFit sports zone is becoming a reality is the announcement of the Adgar Group’s decision to sponsor a newly-created professional sports team, AdgarFit Pro Team. The Team is made up of seven exceptional athletes specializing in triathlon: Maria Cześnik, who belongs to the National Team of the Polish Triathlon Union and represented Poland at the Beijing and London Olympics, Mateusz Kaźmierczak, also in the National Team of the Polish Triathlon Union – both are candidates to represent Poland at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games – Mikołaj Luft, Joanna Susmanek – professionals specializing in medium and long distance triathlon, Maciej Bodnar, Hanna Matysiak, Katarzyna Czerwińska – triathletes specializing in Olympic distances and sprinting. The team’s coach and manager is Marcin Słoma.

The AdgarFit sports zone is part of the Adgar Park West office complex, located in the western business zone close to the centre of Warsaw. The complex is comprised of three interconnected buildings creating a well-equipped and functional complex with a GLA of 43,000 sqm. There are a total of 1,100 parking spaces in the complex. As a result of its location, 5 minutes by car from the centre of Warsaw, the complex ensures easy access to public transport and good connections with other neighbourhoods of the city. Its human scale and a wide range of conveniences make it is one of the most user-friendly office buildings in the capital city.