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Sept. 12, 2013

A unique location for specialized shops and services for sports professionals and amateurs – all in one place Running, swimming and cycling enthusiasts gain the opportunity to train all year round, consult with coaches, socialize and share experiences

The Adgar Group, which purchased the office complex at Aleje Jerozolimskie 181 in June 2013, has announced that in addition to its ambitious plans for the creation of a new architectural concept for the building, it is going to create a first in Poland, a unique sports retail and recreation centre for sport enthusiasts on the same site. The venue will be equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure for training, running, swimming, cycling, coaching and physiotherapy. There will also be specialized shops where clients will be able to receive practical advice and share their experiences with other sport fans with similar interests, creating a unique sports location in the business zone in the west of Warsaw not far from the city centre. Hermanowicz Rewski Architects have started working on the architectural concept. The Adgar Group has also started working with Colliers real estate services to develop the concept, and initial discussions with the first potential tenants of the retail space confirm their huge interest in this project.


As a person who cycles a lot in my spare time, I know how important a professional instructor’s advice is while training, and how vital is the help of an experienced consultant while shopping, as well as a place to meet, talk and share experiences with other people who are passionate about the same sports as you – and this need is not fulfilled by self-service shops. Many people give up training because their equipment or shoes are not appropriate, and because they do not know how to do it right. The comprehensive offer of our venue will respond to the sports needs of Warsaw residents,” said Eyal Litwin, Adgar Country Manager in Poland.


This unique sports retail and service centre concept is a first for Poland. The venue to be created by Adgar will include a 600 m-long proffesional running track 

around the office buildings, available all year round. There will also be innovative cycling stations where one can mount one’s own bicycle or test models available in the retail outlets, testing them in various programmed routes and conditions, and so cycling enthusiasts will be able to train indoors even if the weather conditions outside are not favourable. Another attraction will be the installation of swim jet pools, single-person mini pools for swimming against a current created by water jets. Also planned are a fitness club with additional training stations installed in the open air, and a sports medicine and physiotherapy centre. Additional showers will be installed for employees working in the office buildings, for use after cycling to the office or training or running during their breaks.

”The Adgar Group’s decision to develop this unique sports concept was preceded by an in-depth market analysis. Data of the Central Statistical Office show that almost half of all Poles take part in sports, and the most popular disciplines are running, cycling and swimming. In 2012 almost 40% of the country’s residents regularly took part in swimming and 66% in cycling. The growing popularity of triathlon in recent years is also a real phenomenon, particularly in Warsaw, where a quarter of the country’s triathlon participants live. Initial discussions with potential partners of the centre reveal a high level of interest,” said Marta Machus-Burek, Director of Retail Strategies Development Advisory Services at Colliers.


Specialized sports shops, which are currently dispersed all around the city, will finally be gathered together under one roof at Adgar’s sports centre. Crucial to the concept is that their standard of service will be of highest quality; as active sport enthusiasts themselves, their employees will share their knowledge and build a community of Warsaw residents for whom physical activity is a way of life.