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Michelin & BMW Praski Half Marathon

June 3, 2016

Dears, We are pleased to announce that as a part of ‘Adgar Community’, Michelin prepared special contest for our buildings employees. As of Monday please be ready for promotion action in the buildings.

Michelin has always supported sports competition, especially in motorsport. The most difficult surfaces and extreme environmental conditions associated with motorsport translates into the experience and knowledge necessary to produce high-performance tires.

Endurance is one of the main features of Michelin products. It is also one of the main characteristics of the runner, which is why Michelin is proud to support the participants of BMW Half Marathon!

Michelin, with the help of Adgar, for whom the priority is the creation of a favorable environment for tenants and their employees, would like to invite to participate in the competition. To win 15 starter packs for BMW Half  Marathon.


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