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The Brain Embassy – first co-creating in Poland!

June 16, 2016

In our building, we were created completely innovative place. This is our new project, which will connect the world of startups, freelancers and corporations. 1200 m2 of extraordinary space, where you will find 250 workplaces of which 100 in separate offices.

The Brain Emabssy, is a place where you can experience creativity in the best way. It was create for large companies as well as individual personalities. This unusual mix of inspiring people gathered under one roof, under which you will find literally everything - zone for informal and working meetings, formal meeting places, doing impressions interiors, kitchen, dining room, lounge, a help desk and much more.

Why The Brain Embassy? Because this is a state without borders and passports, where dominates human imagination and creativity. First place in Poland to contribute, created for people who want to realize their dreams, and together with others achieve extraordinary goals.