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  • ADGAR BIT! This is one of the first buildings in our portfolio but in a completely different version. The new name, new interiors and the slogan "vibrant with life". In such a style, it comes back on the market. Come and see this! More >

  • Nowy najemca

    Jan. 16, 2017

    Dnia 16.01.2017 roku, Adgar Park West powitał nowego najemcę, Calypso Fitness Club. Klub zlokalizowany został w strefie AdgarFit, w budynku B. More >

  • From today enjoy a mobile gastronomy with food trucks! Every day at lunch time in the courtyard in our complex from the Nowoberestecka Street will you taste the other tastes. BON APPETIT! More >

  • To maintain or increase its form, systematic training is not enough. Our body is very demanding so you should regularly review it tested under the supervision of a doctor to check his condition and capabilities. Our tenant gives us such a possibility! We encourage you to familiarize yourself with a new offer Porta Medica! More >

  • 15 new rooms appeared in Adgar Ochota Training Centre at Al. Jerozolimskie. We invite you to get acquainted with new and fully comfortable space, prepared to meet the needs of both coach and each participant. More >

  • Today, the website of the Adgar Ochota Training Centre and Adgar Plaza Conference Centre connect into one common site! We invite everyone to visit and get acquainted with the new site. More >

  • koncert

    July 13, 2016

    Restaurant "Świeżo Malowane" in building Adgar Park West 23.07.2016 at 20:00 organizes Italian Jazz Koncert Ritmo Afindo. More information bellow: More >

  • At present you can enroll on sport summer camps to be organized in Gravitan Junior Club on Al. Jerozolimskie 181 in a special children zone aged 3+ , from 18th to 22nd June at 8a.m - 4p.m. More >

  • In our building, we were created completely innovative place. This is our new project, which will connect the world of startups, freelancers and corporations. 1200 m2 of extraordinary space, where you will find 250 workplaces of which 100 in separate offices. More >

  • Dears, We are pleased to announce that as a part of ‘Adgar Community’, Michelin prepared special contest for our buildings employees. As of Monday please be ready for promotion action in the buildings. More >