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Data Center

The unique central server rooms – DATA CENTER – designed in the basements of the Adgar Plaza complex provides our tenants with top technical standards. The high throughput of telecommunication connections and alternative connections of the leading operators make it possible for thousands of people to work using their computers and telephones. Ventilation, precise air conditioning and cooling systems of the storied server rooms remove excess heat. The constant monitoring of working parameters of the systems enables the staff of the building to detect and remove any flaws before a possible breakdown.

The rooms of the Data Center are accessible for authorized persons only. Depending on the needs of the tenants, the control of the rights may include both typical proximity cards and biometric techniques (fingerprint and retina scanning). Each entry to the DATA CENTER is registered by cameras and stored in the data base, together with personal details of a person, as well as the entry and exit date and times.

At the customer's request, it is possible to arrange a dedicated data center space with exclusive access.

In addition, thanks to the infrastructure of the Adgar complex of office buildings, it is possible to create auxiliary office space. Combined with the services of the Data Center, this will be a key element in the creation of a comprehensive solution, the so-called Disaster Recovery Center, which Adgar is able to provide to its customers.

The central server rooms are fire resistive due to a gas extinguishing system which is harmless to people or devices. The power supply reliability of the DATA CENTER is guaranteed by three independent energy sources and a generator. The rooms are also isolated from external factors or disruption.
The flexibility of the solutions makes it possible to fully adjust the server rooms to the needs of our tenants which can use the existing devices or install their own ones. This gives the possibility of expanding or adapting IT infrastructure and thus ensures cost-effectiveness which is important to both bigger and smaller firms.